Portland Nannies

"Portland Nannies did an outstanding job screening qualified applicants to meet with our family.  The service provided was top notch, and was extremely efficient during a time when we had very little time to find a nanny.  Portland Nannies led us to the perfect person for our family.  All of our expectations were exceeded.  We are grateful to Portland Nannies"    The Adey Family, Falmouth

"Elizabeth and the folks at Portland Nannies listened to our criteria and did a great job providing a large number of well-qualified candidates in a short period of time.  We were quite surprised at both the number of the candidates and how well they met the criteria we provided to Elizabeth.  It was a great feeling to know that the candidates had been thoroughly screened, including background checks."  The Ryan Family, Scarborough


"Portland Nannies was very helpful and accommodating in sending us highly qualified nanny applications for review.  Their service was much easier than having to place newspaper ads.  I appreciate all of the background work that was done for us on the nannies."  The Midgette Family, Brunswick

"Portland Nannies has brought an integrity and professionalism to the process of entering into a private home as a workplace.  Portland Nannies has also facilitated clear boundaries for salary and job descriptions.  I appreciate the friendliness and genuine approach of the staff."  Linda, Nanny in Cumberland

"I was in a massive bind, my lined up sitter called out and thus I needed help and right then!  I had called everyone I could think could help and no one was free on such short notice.  I was panicking so I called Portland Nannies.  Elizabeth was amazing!  Within ten minutes I had a confirmation of a nanny who was available.  The nanny was absolutely amazing; she was kind and played with my daughter the entire time.  A thank you is simply not enough when you are in a bind up to your neck, but thank you Portland Nannies!"  The Tolman Family, OOB

"I had a great experience working with Portland Nannies.  Elizabeth was very nice and made me feel very comfortable through the process.  I would definitely recommend Portland Nannies to other families and nannies; they made the process very easy." Bethany, Nanny in Bangor

"Portland Nannies made it very easy and efficient to find a care provider for our child.  Having the background checks, references, etc. readily available made a huge difference.  The applications forwarded to us met our needs and expectations; there were certainly some outstanding candidates!" The Zimmerman Family, Portland

"I had a great experience with Portland Nannies.  They were very good at getting back to me via email or phone about questions or concerns I had.  I enjoy the entire newsletter that they put out, I find it very helpful!  I appreciate all the work that Portland Nannies has done to help me find a great family to work for.  Using Portland Nannies was way easier then finding a nanny position on my own."  Adina, Nanny in Falmouth

"Portland Nannies provided a professional and experienced set of applicants.  We were very pleased with the interviews and the entire process.  I would absolutely recommend Portland Nannies, they have a stellar quality of applicants and great customer service."  Downing Family, Kennebunk

"I am so glad that i decided to use Portland Nannies.  Not only did they have great candidates, but the interview process is much more thorough than I would have ever been on my own.  It gives me much peace of mind, as well as it made this challenging process a breeze."  Bourgeois Family, Portland


"I had an excellent experience working with Portland Nannies.  Elizabeth found the perfect families for me.  I feel very proud to be a part of Portland Nannies.  Elizabeth is amazing at matching families with great nannies and great families with nannies." Donna, Nanny in Cape Elizabeth and Portland


"I had a fantastic experience with Portland Nannies.  Elizabeth helped me find a great position.  I would recommend Portland Nannies to other families or nannies because they are so helpful at finding positions but they also offer ongoing support to both families and nannies." Megan, Nanny in Falmouth

"My experience with Portland Nannies was very good.  They are very helpful and they always follow through. Portland Nannies provides a very good service and they work so hard." Dianne, Nanny in Brunswick


"I highly recommend the Portland Nannies service. My family recently attended an event in Portland. We needed a nanny but we had no connections in the area and were uncomfortable with the risk of an unknown caregiver. Elizabeth was very responsive, listened to our requirements, and quickly identified a great nanny candidate. Best of all, she backed this up with complete reference information which put our mind at ease. Our Nanny was a perfect fit for our needs."

The Loughlin family, Boston, MA


"My experience with Portland Nannies has been wonderful! I feel their services are right on target.  I would recommend Portland Nannies to other families and nannies because finding a good fit takes experience.  Portland Nannies takes the time to help both families and nannies.  They have helped me find a good match and I am thankful and grateful."

Norma, Nanny in Scarborough


"My experience working with Portland Nannies has been nothing but great. Elizabeth has always been available when I had questions and there were always extra babysitting jobs offered. I have met some great families along the way because of Portland Nannies. Portland Nannies is an amazing company and you can tell Elizabeth had an interest in every one of her clients. It has been seen clearly that she does her very best to please everyone." Brittany, Nanny in Cape Elizabeth


""Working with Portland Nannies has been very helpful and easy. I have been granted wonderful opportunities and have also landed some really great long term positions. I always refer Portland Nannies to other families and other nannies. Thank you for all that you do!" Daneel, Nanny in Falmouth


""I have been associated with Portland Nannies for almost 20 years! At the beginning it was quite a lengthy process but I have gotten the best jobs possible with this agency. It is totally worth the time to invest with this company. I am an experienced nanny, chef, and farmer. Because of all my occupations my schedule has needed to be flexible. Elizabeth has always found the perfect fit for me and the family I am employed with. My current employer calls me their Fairy Godmother! I would highly recommend anyone considering their profession of a nanny to get in touch with this company." Carol, Nanny in Yarmouth


"My experience has been wonderful so far. Elizabeth made every effort to make sure I was up to date on the family list so that I could interview with various families and find a great match. It really didn't take longer me to find a family I was compatible with. This position really is my dream job. I am so happy we found each other through this agency. I refer families and nannies to Portland Nannies and have met both great families and great nannies because of this agency." Tracy, Nanny in Falmouth


"I am very happy to be a part if this agency. Elizabeth is a great person and she always is working to find out the right family for the right nanny. Portland Nannies is always working for the benefit of the nannies and families with whom they work" Nicole, Nanny in Cape Elizabeth 

"My experience with Portland Nannies has been very successful. I was able to almost immediately start looking over my options as a nanny and get to work within just a couple of weeks of filling out the online application. I really appreciate all of the effort that Elizabeth puts forth in keeping in communication and checking in with me as I get to know the family I work with and she helps so much in searching for more opportunities." Jaclyn, Nanny in Portland


"We have found several candidates we liked, their portfolios were very detailed. The service has been very helpful and provided qualifies applicants that we would not have been able to find on our own." The Cloutier Family, Windham


"Elizabeth was really helpful. It was nice having someone pairing up myself with a family, really paying attention to what I am interested in, want to do, and then ultimately finding the best possible families for me. I will continue recommending Portland Nannies to other nannies because of my positive experience with Portland Nannies as well as my success with them." Karla, Nanny in Portland


"I am so grateful for many many things this year- one of which is having the opportunity to meet you and work with Elizabeth. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to stay connected for many years to come. You are a special "resource" to many and I feel lucky to know you." Sara, Nanny in Biddeford


"Dear Elizabeth, Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family! We are so excited about our nanny. I never thought I would feel so comfortable heading back to work, you are a lifesaver!" Macklin Family, Yarmouth